Aczone Gel 7.5%

Aczone Gel 7.5%

Just How Effective is Aczone Gel?


Aczone Gel is a US made prescription strength topical acne treatment that contains the active ingredient Dapsone… It is available from most dermatologists and doctors

Thought to treat most types of acne, it is not a retinoid and does not contain benzoyl peroxide which can be quite harsh to some sufferers skin which could make it suitable for anybody particularly if they have sensitive skin

How Do You Use Aczone Gel 7.5%

Simply apply a small amount of the gel to the affected area and allow to soak into the skin… there is no best time to use it.. the main selling point of this product is that you can use it whenever your daily routine allows.

Whats In Aczone Get 7.5%

The key ingredient is a compound known as Dapsone. The makers do not clearly detail the full ingredient list on the official website, we did manage however to track down a poor quality image of the label which gave us some partial information.

Each tube contains (but not limited too) 75mg Dapsone Gel along with sodium hydroxide, purified water, methyl paraben and other glycol polymers.

Users Feedback

The official manufacturers website is full of positive testimonials (as you would expect). and results do look impressive… with users of various age groups and ages reporting some good results…

We were unable to track down more independent feedback, so its hard to be sure what users really feel… not saying that manufacturers don’t report all feedback accurately, but its nice to see more independent reports too so you get a more accurate picture overall.

Where Can You Get Aczone Gel 7.5%

This product is currently only legally available on a doctors prescription…

Our Thoughts

There is no doubting the fact that Aczone does appear to be successful in treating many cases of acne… we do have some concerns however about some reported side effects that are (to be fair to the makers) detailed quite openly on their website..

It should never be used by anybody under 12 year old…

Its more common side effects are dryness and itching of the skin…. However:

It can also affect healthy red blood cells, causing the development of abnormal red blood cells known as methemoglobinemia, it can cause your lips, nail beds and inside of your mouth turn blue or grey… If this happens – Seek URGENT medical attention… It can also cause back pain, breathlessness, tiredness, discoloured urine, fever, pale or yellow skin..

For Us….. however good the potential, we have a great difficulty in recommending any product that has the potential to cause bodily harm – however slight… despite the positivity surrounding Aczone Gel, we believe that the risks do outweigh any potential results and would really suggest that you keep away from this product….

We say this particularly as we know that certain OTC treatments are really successful and these do not generally carry any of the health risks linked to Aczone..

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