Common Acne Myths

Common Acne Myths

We Uncover The Truth About 5 Of The Most Common Acne Myths


(1)Eating Chocolate Will Cause Acne

FALSE – There is no clinically defined link between eating chocolate and acne…. Obviously a diet high in sugar, salt and fat will not be as beneficial to our body as a healthy diet, but it DOES NOT Directly cause acne.

(2)You Have Spots Because You Don’t Wash Enough

FALSE – Acne is often mistaken as a sign of dirty skin – It isn’t…. Acne can occur no matter how much or often you wash your face… The fact is that over-washing can strip your skin of essential oils that generally protect the skins surface… Yes you need to maintain a good skin cleaning regime, just don’t over do it….

(3)Exposure To The Sun Is Good For Acne

FALSE – While exposure to the sun gives us our crucial Vitamin D, too much exposure to the sun without proper SPF protection can reduce the collagen in your skin, this causes the skin to lose some of its elasticity and support which means that some pores might remain open, allowing more dirt and bacteria to collect in the pores.

Sun damage can also reduce the skins ability to heal itself which can lead to scarring, let alone the increased risk of certain cancers.

(4)Blackheads Are Just Dirty Pores

FALSE – They might look like it, but blackheads are not caused by dirt, they are the result of excess Sebum combined with dead skin cells collecting in the pores which become blocked.. as the sebum reaches the surface it oxidises in the air which turns it black

(5)Toothpaste Gets Rid Of Spots

FALSE – It’s commonly believed that putting toothpaste on a spot will get rid of it, but in truth, all it really does is irritate the skin…

Toothpastes are high in certain chemicals that are extremely drying to the skin, these include menthol,triclosan, alcohol and other essential oils that are highly irritating to anybody suffering with acne…