Differin Acne Cream Review

Differin Acne Cream Review

How Good Is Differin – Is It Safe?


Differin is a topically applied cream (or gel) that is used to treat and control some of the more serious acne breakouts, in particularly Cystic acne.

Differin has one main component, a retinoid called Adapalene, this is a form of vitamin A that works by restricting the growth of keratin surface skin cells that block our pores, causing breakouts. by keeping the pores clear, it generally stops any dirt and bacteria collecting and turning into spots and pimples.

Adapalane is also a natural exfoliator, helping the body to get rid of dead skin cells and speeding the production of new ones

Is Differin Fast Acting

Lik the majority of topical treatments, Differin will take between 6 and 12 weeks to achieve maximum results, although it is quite possible to see some form of results earlier.. Different should be used just once a day usually before going to bed is the best time, any more could actually make the problem worse..

Who Can Use Differin

Anybody with moderate to severe forms of acne are generally suitable for Differin, in some cases it can be effective on those with mild acne, if their problem hasn’t responded to other treatments.. Children under 12 should not use Differin, its not suitable for women who are pregnant or those who suffer from Eczema

Does Differin Have Any Side Effects

Differin can have some side effects, particularly in the early stages of treatment

  • Redness of the skin
  • Burning and Itching
  • Peeling
  • Allergic reaction


Retinoids can also cause users skin to become sensitive to the sun.

In most cases, these effects reduce as the body gets used to the treatment

Users Feedback

Drugs{dot}com has quite lengthy list of users feedback. the general feeling is that it does work for most users, but its side effects do put people off, with some stopping treatment because of it

sample reviews courtesy of drugs[dot]com

How To Use Differin

Apply a small pea sized amount of the product to the affected area and rub into the skin gently..women should refrain from applying any foundation, makeup or any other skin products until it has been completely absorbed

While using Differin, avoid any unprotected exposure to the sun, do not use any UV lamps or tanning beds. Also avoid waxing while using Differing

Where Can I Get Differin In Australia

Differin is only generally available with a doctors prescription, it can be found in stores such as Chemist Warehouse, where you can buy it (with a prescription) for $49.99

Final Thoughts

There is no doubting the effectiveness of Differin and the fact that it will work for many users.. However the key ingredient Adapalene is quite harsh and will usually cause some or all of the side effects listed above.. Anybody with sensitive skin could well find it too harsh for them, and it could even make their problem worse.

There are more gentler, natural yet effective treatments out there that will provide some great results without being so caustic on the skin..

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