The Different Types Of Acne

The Different Types Of Acne

Acne comes in various forms, starting from the mild right through to the extreme..

“Heres an easy to read description of the most common types of Acne”


Probably the most common form of acne, also called an Open Comedone, its simply an enlarged hair follicle that has become filled with dead skin cells, old and bacteria..

Blackheads are easy to spot, they are characterised by their generally black colour, but they can also appear yellow… the black is often confused for dirt but in truth its the discolouration of the oxidised Sebum once it reaches the air that causes the black colour to develop


Also known as a Closed Comedome.. similar to a blackhead in makeup except that the dirt and bacteria is trapped under a closed pore or follicle, the build up under the skin gives them their charactistic white appearance..

With the bacteria and oil not getting into contact with the air, it does not oxidise and turn therefore does not turn black


A Pustule is an acne lesion that has become inflamed, showing as red or pink in colour.. a build up of infected sebum and dead skin cells trapped under the skins surface gives it the appearance of a red pimple with a white head on top..

Pustules are the result of a broken follicle wall which allows white blood cells to enter the chamber and mix with the bacteria and dead cells to form pus.


A papule is virtually identical to a pustule in how it looks and develops, the main difference being that it does not contain any white blood cells, meaning no pus is formed.


Nodules are more serious forms of acne, often presenting as a hard, red lump underneath the skin.

Nodules tend to form when there is a large or deep break in the follicle wall, and the trapped sebum, dirt, bacteria spread to and infect the dermis and other surrounding follicles.

Acne Cysts

The most severe type of acne..

Acne cysts form when the follicle wall ruptures allowing contaminated sebum etc deep into the surrounding tissue, the more severe the break in the wall, the worse the problem will become.. The cyst forms when a membrane forms around the infection in the dermis…

These can not only be painful, they are the type of acne that can cause acne scarring and do need urgent attention.