XYZ Smart Collagen Review

XYZ Smart Collagen Review

Plant Extracts: The Key To Keeping Wrinkles At Bay?

We all know the feeling – you think you’re keeping one step ahead of the ageing game. You eat well, drink water throughout the day, moisturise like there’s no tomorrow and always take your make-up off before bed.But age always catches up with us at some point or another. Despite our best efforts, ageing is a natural process, and affects us all.

Acne prone skin seems particular vulnerable to lines and wrinkles.

But what about treating ageing naturally? While there’s a seemingly endless list of options out there, but not many of them go about things the natural way.

XYZ Smart Collagen is a bit different, tackling the telltale signs of ageing with a blend of all-natural, organic ingredients that promise to get to work in as little as 12 weeks.

Let’s see if it really makes the grade…

What’s In XYZ Smart Collagen?

Things are all-natural here: all the ingredients at play here are sustainably grown, certified organic, vegan and free of palm oil.

The main active ingredient here is bulbine frutescens plant – the sap of this South American plant plays a crucial role when it comes to ensuring skin looks young, bright and radiant.

It’s all to do with collagen – our skin’s elasticity and firmness depends on optimal levels of collagen, and as well as triggering higher levels of collagen, bulbine frutescens sap also slows down the speed at which collagen breaks down, leaving skin line-free for longer.

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Directions For Use

It’s fairly simple here – simply massage into the face and neck every morning and evening with a gentle upwards motion, taking extra care around the delicate eye area.

User Feedback

It’s early days yet and we’re still waiting for more real-life user testimonials to filter through, certainly the few that we have seen in the media are all very positive…  at this stage we’re confident that this product will provide real, tangible results.

As well as a proven skin-supporting formula, XYZ Smart Collagen is also backed up by some fairly solid science.

When formulating the product, 21 women aged 45-65 took participated in a double-blind study. They used XYZ Smart Collagen twice a day for 84 days, with a dermatological assessment after 42 and 84 days. The vast majority of participants demonstrated strong improvements in skin texture and appearance – including visibility of fine lines.

Where To Buy XYZ Smart Collagen In Australia

XYZ Smart Collagen is best purchased directly from the manufacturer.

You can order a 60ml pot for $64.99 from the official website

Any Cashback Guarantee?

The makers do offer a 14 day return and refund policy, but this only applies to unopened products

Our Thoughts

There are lots of products out there, all promising to turn back the signs of ageing, reducing lines and wrinkles, helping you to recover your youthfulness. However, do they all work?? Sadly – probably not.

XYZ Collagen is not going to perform the impossible, lets be honest here. But the studies that we have read involving bulbine frutescens (the key ingredient in XYZ Smart Collagen) make for really interesting reading, with scientists and the test subjects all reporting noticeable improvements in their skins fullness, plumpness and flexibility..

Miracle Product ?? – Perhaps not, but there is something about XYZ Smart Collagen that makes it stand out above many others… It certainly seems to make a noticeable improvement to users skin, with fine lines and wrinkles reducing in depth and appearance.

Why Not Try It Yourself? 

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